Monday, March 22, 2010

Way To Next 3.5 Release

Hello all.

I'd like to share some good news about next Babel release 3.5.
This new release is close to be delivery and there are some important features added.
These features target both Professional and Enterprise edition but also the free edition will get some important bug fixes and improvements especially on the control flow obfuscation feature.

The new features are:
1) Resource encryption: all managed resources will be encrypted into the obfuscated target assembly.
2) Assembly embedding: instead of being fully merged an assembly can be embedded into another assembly and loaded by the main assembly at runtime. Embedding can be used instead of merging when there is no needs to fully obfuscate a dependency assembly.
3) Anti refelction tricks: added new tricks to stop reflection tools like Reflector 6 (and other tools).
4) Support for .NET 4.0 RC
5) WPF GUI application to de-obfuscate stack trace.

Resource encryption will be available to Enterprise users only, Professional edition will get features 2 and 3. Support for NET 4.0 and stack trace de-obfuscator GUI are available for all editions.

There are also few bug fixes targeting mainly the merge feature. A detailed change log will be available on the web site when Babel 3.5 will be released.

Hope you like these new features.

Best regards,