Monday, June 2, 2014

Babel Obfuscator Released

We are happy to announce that Babel Obfuscator has been released. In this new release we have added a new optimization feature that will allow to reduce the number of properties and events defined into metadata. The dead code removal has been improved and we added more filters in the XML rules. We have improved merge algorithm and added the possibility to chose to enable encryption and compression for embedded resources.
The obfuscation rule editor in the user interface has been improved adding the new symbol search and more editing commands.

There were also many important bug fixes so we encourage you to stay up to date.
If your software maintenance is expired you can access the new build by renewing your subscription directly from our website at:

What’s new in

  • Added new --disgregateremoval optimization for removal of properties and events metadata
  • Added new HasBase and Implements filters to XML rules
  • Added deobfuscated stack trace information for methods generated by Babel during obfuscation
  • Added CopyAttributes and NoCopyAttributes properties to merge feature
  • Added resource encryption and compression options
  • GUI: Added the ability to search a symbol by name in the object browser
  • GUI: Added notification for changes made to the project in an external program
  • GUI: Added Cut Rules, Copy Rules & Paste Rules commands
  • Improved merge algorithm
  • Improved dead code removal
  • General bug fixes (see Release Notes)

Should you have any questions about this release feel free to contact me at

Have a great day.