Saturday, August 28, 2010

Babel new features


I am working on the next babel release (version 4.0) and I'd like to
open a discussion about the new features that will be available with
this release.

First of all, babel has been undergone to an optimization process to
speed up the overall obfuscation time.
From the first tests the obfuscation time seems is reduced of about
twenty percent.

The new features that will be available are:

* Dynamic proxy call to external and internal methods
* Possibility to choose whatever character set to rename symbols
* Improved dead code removal: the user can now specify "dead" entry
point where to start removing.

There will be also a new Enterprise feature that for now it will
remain a little secret, but it's a very big one feature that is
presently under development.

Of course this new release will have bug fixes and improved
obfuscation reliability for new W** technologies.

The bad news is that probably the price will be slightly raised but
this increase will not affect all the pesent users that will have
their update at no extra charge.

So the release date is to be defined but my idea is that it will be
available for September or October at most.

Finally I will like to thanks all the babel users.

Best regards,