Friday, July 11, 2014

Babel Obfuscator Released

Dear all,
Today we have released Babel Obfuscator 7.3. This release add obfuscation support for Mono framework. This means that is now possible to obfuscate Xamarin applications and games based on MonoGame making Babel one of the few obfuscators that support all the major .NET gaming platforms like Unity3D, XNA and MonoGame. 
We have also improved the support for MEF framework and made changes to increase the execution speed of encrypted code.

What's New

  • Added support for Xamarin Mono and MonoGame
  • Added --moduleinitialize to force module initialization of external assemblies when they are load by reflection
  • Improved encrypted code speed
  • The --project option can be used to load obfuscation settings only without specify a target assembly
  • General bug fixes (see Release Notes)

If you have any question about this release feel free to write at:
Thank you and best wishes from Babel support.