Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Babel Obfuscator Released

We are happy to announce that Babel Obfuscator has been released.

In this new release we have improved our Licensing Library adding Serial Licenses and Encoded String Licenses.
The Licensing Library is now available for Silverlight applications.

In Babel Obfuscator we have added the ability to obfuscate Portable Class Libraries and improved Xamarin support. 

There were also many important bug fixes so we encourage you to stay up to date.
If your software maintenance is expired you can access the new build by renewing your subscription directly from our website at:

You can download our demo setup at:

What's New in

Babel Obfuscator

  • Added support for .NET Portable assemblies
  • Improved support for Mono Xamarin
  • Added --version to display information about the version of babel.exe
  • Made some minor improvements to the user interface
  • General bug fixes (see Release Notes)

Babel Licensing

  • New Serial Licenses
  • New Encoded String Licenses
  • New Licensing SDK
  • Supports Silverlight 5 
  • Supports C# and VB Languages 
  • New Licensing Sample Projects
  • File and Windows Registry Licenses

Should you have any questions about this release feel free to contact support@babelfor.net

Have a great day.