Monday, April 25, 2011

Babel 4.0 Released

Hello All,

After quite long time, Babel 4.0 has been released.
The features available with this new release are:

* Supported Silverlight for Windows Phone 7, XBOX360 XNA Framework and .NET Micro Framework
* XAML and BAML Obfuscation
* Merging Support for WPF and Silverlight Assemblies
* Dynamic Proxy Calls to External and Internal Methods
* Code Instrumentation
* Custom Character Set Obfuscation
* New and Improved Control Flow Obfuscation
* Debug PDB Symbol File Generation
* Merging Support for Debug PDB Symbol Files
* Code Optimizations
* Improved Renaming of Compiler Generated Code
* Support x64 .NET Images

I want to thank all the Babel's users and people who helped supporting the project, including: Pipis, Hector and Sean.

Thank you very much.