Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Babel Obfuscator Blog

Hi this is the new blog created to discuss about Babel Obfuscator.
Please leave here your comments about babel.

I will use this blog to give you some news about the developing status,
feature that I'd like to add, and some useful hints for get the best  from babel.

Please post post and post!

Thank you,



Peter said...

Hi Alberto,

I have one question about the Babel obfuscator. I am creating a Silverlight application and I integrated Babel obfuscator to a MSBuild. Everything is working fine and the BabelOut dir and obfuscated DLL is created, but how I can tell to VS2008 to use the obfuscated DLL to build the final Silverlight XAP file? Is there any solution or configuration?

I would like to say, that this is a great project! Thank You!


Peter said...

Hi Alberto,

I have tried to change a MSBuild target file. I needed that babel obfuscator obfuscates the same build output (replaces the same file) so this file could be used as an input for XAP file construction. So I replaced the $(BabelOutputPath) with $(TargetPath). Babel has overwritten the source (right) DLL (could be seen in build OUTPUT). But the problem is that final DLL is not obfuscated. Probably went something wrong. Any ideas?

Thanx, Peter

Peter said...

Hi again,

just another try. I tried to take obfuscated assemblies from BabelOut directory and insert it into XAP file manually. Here I have another problem, that such XAP file does not work. I would like to find out the solution.

Thank You, Peter

Alberto Ferrazzoli said...

Hi Peter

Thank you for using babel.
Please post your issue into babel issue tracking because this early post is not polled frequently by me.

Also take care to include detailed information about the issue. If it possible binaries source code and a detailed description of steps to reproduce the problem.
Note that I can not setup TFS nor a Web server to test web services or things like that. It is better to post issue with some little ready made code example that reproduce the bug.
This is the fast way to get the bug resolved in little time.

Thank you again.