Thursday, February 26, 2009

Babel Obfuscator Service


This week I have coded a babel service (babel obfuscator service) that I'd like to present on this post. This is a Windows service that works to obfuscate a massive number of .NET assemblies using mechanism based on watched folders.
The service monitor one folder and when an assembly is copied into thet folder it starts babel obfuscation putting the obfuscated assembly and the related map file and console output to a destination folder.
This service is useful when you need to obfuscate a lot of assemblies and you don't want to bother with DOS command line.
It works also with signed assembly. You just need to copy also the .snk file with your signed assembly.
I think this can be a valid substitute to a GUI interface for an obfuscator: the GUI in this case is Explorer itself.
Babel obfuscator service can be configured by means of xml file. 

Follow a video of babel service at work. In the video the service is used to obfuscate the asseblies of SharpDevelop 3.0 in less then 2 minutes.


Jeff said...

Were can we get the Babel service?
i have an app.exe that links to a number of dll's and uses heavy reflection so i am not sure how to obfuscate the app and the dll's
Any help is appreciated

Alberto Ferrazzoli said...

Babel Service is under development and presently not ready to be deployed. Anyway you should trust babel and obfuscate your application, and dlls, with all the default values.
Agent should tell you all the types left out from the obfuscation because they are considered "dangerous". If you have some problem with reflected types let me know may be that the agent algorithm need some improvement.